Book Review from Chris Zane

ORBiT is Fantastic! I actually read it twice to ensure I didn't miss anything.  Through trial and poor of the past 35 years, I managed to figure out what works.  After reading Dan's, straight forward, example and outcome, I now have an in-depth understanding of why it works and more importantly, how it works, allowing me to be even more persuasive in obtaining desired results.  From why "shadowing" is ineffective and a poor business practice to the "buy in" from a negative simulation, Dan has provided invaluable material in his unquestionable area of expertise.  If you are responsible for leading a team, training employees, or simply want to better interact with coworkers this is a must read book.  Instead of surfing the internet or scrolling Facebook, invest a few hours in bettering yourself and read ORBiT.

Chris Zane - Author of Reinventing the Wheel

President of Zane's Cycles