Dan Mann has spoken to millions of people at public events and at companies as diverse as Thule, Patagonia, Saucony, Fleet Feet, Prana, Marmot, Shimano, Far Bank, ADIDAS, and thousands of others.

One thing we know for sure is Dan Mann commands a room. The nuggets of wisdom that fall from his mouth are wrapped in unassuming packages. You know his teachings and unerring influence will have an impact on your event and influence your attendees and their business. Also, you can know that his kindness and generosity are true, and that his desire to help make businesses their best is genuine. 

Dan Mann is consistently ranked in the top 1% of all speakers at events he attends. Event coordinators reporting back with praise such as “In 10 years of organizing this event, Dan is the highest rated speaker we’ve ever had.” 

If you're looking for public appearances, check his blog for occasional seminars in Asheville NC.  To book Dan Mann for your next event, contact us now!

TOPICS for Keynote Presentations

ORBiT:  The Art and Science of Influence

Power WITH People not OVER People

Why Negative Simulations Work

Motivating Staff

Obstacles of Getting Buy In

The Coach’s Role:  Creating Accountability Improving Performance

The Coach’s Role: Getting Positive Results

Staff Engagement

Using your Vision / Mission for Employee Engagement

Developing Leaders

Training Sucks (and it can suck the life out of your business)

Confident Communicator

Leading with Impact

Leading Change and Team Building

Retailer Skills Course is a new take on outdoor specialty retail leadership training. Each session is based on the learnings of successful outdoor retailers who help lead the discussions. Part seminar, part skills development, Retailer Skills Course is facilitated by the Mann Group to deliver tools and understanding to inspire, lead and drive profitability in your store.
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